The first time D went pee pee on the potty was almost five months ago right around Hanukkah and Christmas. It had been a long day for the both of us – keep in mind, earlier that day I had fallen in our driveway with D in my arms, landed on my 4 year old nephew and hit my son’s head on the pavement. Lots of crying and bruises were involved, so needless to say, mommy needed something to turn the day around. Try and picture this as you read along. It was a freezing cold winter’s day and we had just ordered a piping hot pizza to bring home for dinner – Yum! We had just spent about an hour at Barnes and Noble reading books, and another hour riding the coin-operated trucks in the middle of the mall. Daddy was traveling so it was just the two of us. As we arrived home and pulled into the garage D decided he didn’t want to walk, but instead wanted Mumma to carry him. So I have D in one arm, diaper bag in the other, and our piping hot pizza in my one free hand. !@#$%! There goes the pizza, cheese side down on the filthy garage floor. Seriously, did that really just happen? So inside we go, to order another pizza for delivery.

Now it’s candle lighting time. It was the first night of Hanukkah and because my husband is Jewish I wanted to light the menorah with D – even though daddy wasn’t going to be there. Well wouldn’t you know it, NO lighter or matches were to be found anywhere in the house. Again, seriously? Who doesn’t have matches in their home? I searched everywhere, nothing. HOWEVER, brilliant, little old me realized – we have a gas stove – and Voila! We may not have lit them correctly – read about that funny story here – but at least they were lit.

About 30 minutes later D starts pointing to the stairs saying “potty Mumma, potty.” I thought to myself there’s no way he’s really going to go potty, but we’ll try. Upstairs we go and off come D’s clothes for some reason – odd, but ok. I sit him down and to my surprise he actually starts to go potty. Yippee! Way to go kiddo. What a fantastic end to our day.

Unfortunately, his first time was the only time for awhile. It wasn’t until a couple months later, just before he turned two, that he started to show an interest again, and oddly enough, it’s usually during dinnertime. So upstairs we go, and again, off come all the clothes. I eventually got him to keep his shirt on, but the pants still come off to this day. I have to say he’s doing pretty good, going both #1 and #2, but he’s not consistent. Some days he’ll go twice in one day, but there are other days he doesn’t go at all. I try to ask him throughout the day whether or not he has to go potty but try not to push the issue (punny, huh?) He seems to know when he wants to go and when he doesn’t. A lot of times he’ll say he needs to go potty and head for the stairs, but in reality he’s just gone in his diaper. Some people have told me to switch to training pants because it will help them train faster or just leave the diaper off all together. NO way – sorry – can’t do it. First off, my husband would never allow it, but secondly, do people really do that? I’m not saying it’s not ok if you do, but all I can think is – WOW, that would mean a lot of pee and poop on the floor for me to clean up. And I know this is such a first time mom comment, but man oh man is the potty training process a nasty one. I never thought I’d have such an issue with it, but it really grosses me out – keep in mind my husband is the one that cleans the bathrooms. But regardless of my own issues, it’s all part of being a mommy and is obviously a necessary process, one that both D and I are doing great with. So needless to say we’re going to continue down the path of letting him tell us when he’s ready to go – for now anyways – and hopefully in a few months I’ll be writing to let everyone know that I have a potty trained little boy who DOESN’T have to take his clothes off each and every time. ha!

Anyone have any great potty training tips to share? Below are some great articles/posts I found on the topic.

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