There are so many great children’s books to choose from, but these are some of “D’s” favorites.
  1. Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown
  2. Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney
  3. B is For Bear by Roger Priddy
  4. Baby Einstein: Mirror Me! by Julie Aigner-Clark
  5. Daddy Kisses by Anne Gutman and Georg Hallensleben
  6. Mommy Hugs by Anne Gutman and Georg Hallensleben
  7. I Love you Stinky Face by Lisa Mccourt and Cyd Moore
As many of you can probably relate, finding time to read each and every day can sometimes be a bit of a struggle, especially when you work full-time. It does make me feel better knowing he gets plenty of book time in at daycare, but as a mother, you want that special one on one time yourself. Getting home from work at 6 pm and then trying to find time to make dinner, have playtime with D, bath time, snuggle time and of course reading time, is tough. I’m trying to be the best mom I possibly can and in doing that I tend to put a lot of unneeded pressure on myself. I try to remind myself that it’s ok if we don’t have a home cooked meal every night. And it’s ok if D simply isn’t in the mood to play and would rather watch, Finding Nemo. But in general, the only time we really get to read is right before bed; and even then he sometimes refuses and shuts the book on me. I try not to force it, but then I end up feeling guilty because if he doesn’t get reading in at night, then he hasn’t had any reading time with mommy at all that day.

So my question to you is…what are some other ways you fit reading into your daily routine?