My husband and I are so incredibly excited and I am thrilled to finally share the news with all of you. I guess I wasn’t too far off with my May blog post on Visions of Baby #2. Right after that post, my husband and I started talking about when we’d start trying for another baby and a few months later, on September 4th we learned that we were pregnant (Labor Day weekend of all days). Because we have several close friends that went through a lot trying to get pregnant, and the fact that getting pregnant with D was a bit of a rollercoaster, we were so grateful and consider ourselves very lucky that it happened so quickly.

We are now into our 23rd week, and feeling great. Our official due date for this little lady is May 9th, which to some might seem like forever away, but to me it’s fast approaching. I’m sure those of you with multiple children would agree that preparing for baby #2 vs. the first is quite different. In a lot of ways it’s easier/less stressful since you somewhat already know what to expect, but in a lot of ways it’s harder. I had so much time when I was pregnant with D to relax, research, shop, decorate, prepare, that to be 23 weeks along and not have bought one thing for our baby girl seems a little crazy to me. And I’m not exaggerating, I actually went to Kohl’s the other day specifically to buy some clothes for her, but just stood there over thinking whether or not I would actually put her in any of them. SO silly I know as they were absolutely adorable, but I ended up leaving there with nothing and just laughed at myself. Things are just so different when you already have another child at home to care for.

22-weeks-(1).JPGI will say though, that being pregnant the 2nd time around and having the extra love and attention from our son is such an amazing feeling and simply wonderful to watch. He is very excited to become a big brother and constantly asks to see and kiss the baby. And something that is a bit uncomfortable, but super cute is that he loves to try and pull up my shirt in public to show off his baby sister. He’s also already come up with her nickname – he calls her Lulu, isn’t that so sweet.

I have so much to share as it relates to preparing for #2, but certainly don’t want to do it all in one post. Therefore, I’ll be sure to write from time to time and share this journey of becoming a mom all over again, and the joys, stresses and fears that go along with it. Again, I am thrilled to share this wonderful news with all of you. Happy reading.