I say give. After all, moms certainly deserve a special gift after everything they go through during and after pregnancy. It doesn’t have to be anything too extravagant but a little something to say thank you for all the hard work we’ve done to keep our new little miracle healthy and safe for 9 months would be so greatly appreciated. However, I should also mention that a little something for the daddy’s to thank them for helping us mommy’s out, supporting us and in some cases dealing with our rollercoaster of emotions would be nice as well. My husband was wonderful. He was with me throughout the entire labor and delivery, gave me all the support I needed and praised me over and over for an incredible job well done. The next morning he gave me a card with a beautifully written note inside, told me I could choose little “D’s” middle name (which ended up being my maiden name) and that he wanted to have my diamond earrings upgraded! How wonderful is that. The beautifully written note was enough in itself, but the gift didn’t hurt (hehe).

I’ve met many people that don’t even know what a “push” present is or what it’s for, some who believe in it and some that do not. To me a “push” present is something that you give your significant other to thank them for all they have done to bring this new baby into the world. For mom, it’s to thank her for giving your little one a comfortable, safe home for 9 months. For doing all that she could to bring a healthy baby into this world, for having to give up food that she loves, for going through all those body changes, the sleepless nights, the morning sickness and let’s not forget the postpartum feelings after birth. For dad, it’s to thank him for all his help throughout those 9 months, for helping carry the laundry basket up and down the stairs, for helping clean the cat litter, for starting your car every morning in the winter and for encouraging you to keep pushing when all you wanted to do was give up at times. It’s a simple thank you for a beautiful, miraculous job well done!

How do others out there feel about giving or receiving “push” presents?