I used to absolutely LOVE this clip from the show Family Guy. I’ve never ever even watched an episode before but every time I saw it I would laugh hysterically. The key word there is USED to laugh. And maybe that’s because I realized how much my husband does the exact same thing, which in turn now so does my son. It was cute the first couple times, but then it became extremely frustrating. Can a mommy get 10 minutes to herself to change out of her work clothes and wash her face without hearing her name called 20 times from downstairs? In my house the answer to that question is NO! Don’t get me wrong I love my husband and son to pieces but it might be one of the most annoying things ever. And the best part is that my husband will ask me “well don’t you like to know that daddy and little D need their mommy?” Ummmmmm, NO…not in these types of instances.

So I know this blog post is rather short, but I saw the Family Guy clip again the other day and just felt the need to share.