Last year on my sons first birthday I wrote a letter to him. Not only did I write a letter to him but I printed the entire blog I kept while pregnant, bound it and plan to read it to him post by post one day when he’s a little older (baby blog). After writing that letter to him on his first birthday I decided that every year I would write him a letter, seal it in an envelope and keep it stored away in his keepsake box. This box is home to so many special things such as holiday cards, birthday cards, first school drawing, 1st foot print and hand print, ultrasound pictures, and more. I haven’t decided on when I’ll keep this box a secret until, maybe his 16th or 18th birthday or maybe until he gets married one day? I’m not really sure. I just know how wonderful it makes me feel to be able to do something as special as this for the son that I love so much.

So with D’s birthday just having passed I thought I’d share a snippet of my letter to him. The rest of the letter simply reflects back on the amazing year we had, how so very proud I am of him and of all the great things he has accomplished in such a short time and of course reminds him of just how much he means to me.

Happy Birthday Booger,
Yup – you’re reading that right…I called you booger. I’m sure that name will pass, or at least I hope it will, but you are…you are my little booger and I mean that in the most endearing way possible. Another year has passed and this weekend you will be turning two. In just the past week you have completely blossomed. Not only are you all of a sudden talking up a storm and saying all sorts of words and phrases, but you are now sleeping in a toddler bed (no more crib). The first few days were a bit rough, but you are doing GREAT and mommy and daddy are so very proud of you! Your favorite phrase right now is “I don’t want it Momma, I don’t want it” and the fact that you think wheat thin are cookies just makes me smile.

I know this mushy, gushy stuff isn't for everyone but it’s a sweet idea for someone who’s looking to capture and share those moments with their children one day. And yes, if you do it for one, you’ll have to do it for them all. I remind myself of that all the time I hope you enjoyed.