If you are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant I would highly recommend starting a blog, or some type of journal to capture the wonderful and not so wonderful things that will happen during your pregnancy. Being pregnant was one of the best times of my life and I didn’t want to forget a thing, hence why I created our baby blog. It was the perfect way to keep my friends, family and one day my child up to date on what was happening to our growing family. I shared weekly updates, posted growing belly pictures and unfortunately for some gave the real scoop on some of the not so pleasant things that can happen during pregnancy. I kept it clean though, after all, family was reading this.  I also posted a special note to my son on his 1st birthday, printed and bound all the pages together and plan on reading them to my son one day when he’s old enough to understand the growing belly pictures, hahaha!

Your first pregnancy is SO extremely special in terms of being able to really enjoy the entire thing. You are able to come home after work, sit on the couch and relax, leisurely make dinner without having to rush to get your child fed, casually shop on the weekends, enjoy dinner or a movie out with your significant other or friends. Your life will dramatically change (for the better of course). And don’t get me wrong, the second or third or fourth pregnancy will be wonderful as well, but just not quite the same. ENJOY it the best you can!