As a Car Seat Instructor I’ve had the opportunity to talk to many parents. They all seem to struggle with the same issue of deciding which car seat is the right car seat for their new baby.  After all, this is an important decision. The car seat is really the only protection between your baby and a highway of speeding traffic.

And, there are a lot of choices! The baby superstores offer every make and model. The decision on what mode of transportation to choose for baby can be as taxing as buying a car itself.

My advice is to find the car seat that you can use consistently every time.  You need to continue to be confident that it has a tight installation, is at the correct angle, and that the harness is always at or below the baby’s shoulders.

Summer Infant has created the Prodigy® Infant Car Seat, and designed it to help reassure parents that it’s doing its job.  The seat’s SmartScreen™ Technology gives you a smile when you have the seat in tight and at the right angle.  The SafeGuard® 1Adjust™ harness system automatically adjusts to baby’s growing size so they are always in securely.

Even with a guided installation process, and especially for new moms and dads, you may want the support of an expert. To have your car seat checked by a Car Seat Technician, check to find a Car Seat Check location near you.