The first few months at home with a newborn can sometimes be overwhelming, so I’m all for trying any product that could make those months just a little bit easier. I have a lot of what I consider must-have baby products at home, and several of them are from Summer.

First off, Swaddling for us was a lifesaver! Both D and Lulu were swaddled as babies and seemed to love it. I know they can’t necessarily tell me, but it definitely says something when your baby calms down and seems at peace the minute they are swaddled. And luckily for me, both of them slept pretty great as babies. Lulu has moved on from the SwaddleMe® Wrap to the SwaddleMe Sack. And because I’m a stickler for not having anything in the crib but the baby, having her sleep in the sack knowing there are no loose blankets near her helps me to get a better nights rest.

Then there’s the video monitor, which truly provides me and my husband peace of mind, both day and night. We currently own the BabyTouch® Digital Color Video Monitor, and have three cameras synced up to it. We scan between Lulu’s crib, D’s bedroom, and our playroom – how awesome is that! While video monitors are more expensive than straight audio monitors, in my opinion, they are so worth the money. I sleep so much better at night knowing that with one push of a button I can ensure both of my kids are sleeping safely. Not to mention, it’s super convenient to see whether or not Lulu’s sweet baby sounds mean she needs me, or are her just stirring in her crib. The last thing I want to do is wake her up by going into her room when I don’t need to. Oh, and did I mention how cute it is to watch her play and chew on her toes!

While there are several more must-have items on the list, I’ll leave off with the SuperSeat®. D absolutely loved this item, and Lulu just recently started using it and is already a big fan. The thing I like best about this seat is that it is easy to travel with. With D we were always looking for something that we could throw in the trunk that would both contain and entertain him. This was the perfect solution! The seat straps kept him safely seated, and the rotating toy tray had just enough age appropriate play value to keep him happy. And I have to mention, that not only is it a great support seat and play seat, but it can also be used as a booster seat. So at home or on-the-go, we always had a place to keep baby happy and well fed.     

What is your ONE Summer branded must-have baby item?

You can download Summer’s Safe & Sound Sleep Guide for additional tips on helping your baby sleep safely.