This month we are honoring Pregnancy Awareness Month; therefore I find it only befitting to write a post relating to my pregnancy.

As you know from reading my profile and some of my other blog posts, I am a mom to a two year old little boy we call “D” (amongst other things). I always knew I wanted to be a mom, but it was only after I actually became one that I learned just how hard it is. It is by far, the hardest, yet most rewarding and wonderful job I will ever have. And if I had to describe my pregnancy in a sentence or two it would go something like this…It was an amazing, joyful time in my life that I will cherish forever. For me, the good outweighed the bad and I feel completely blessed to be able to say that. Nothing can describe the miracle of life and all those precious moments during pregnancy! (photo: this is me 2 1/2 years ago at 37 weeks pregnant)

Back in December I wrote a blog post on Becoming a New Mom where I talked a little bit about my pregnancy, but I also kept a personal blog while I was pregnant called Our Little Blueberry where I posted weekly on what had happened that week, how I felt, what new things were happening, etc. I am so glad I did it and hope to do it again when baby #2 comes around. However, I do know that not everyone has the pregnancy they hope for, and for many, there are a lot of ups and downs. That’s why when I say I feel completely blessed to have had such a good pregnancy, I mean it. Mine for the most part was just as I had hoped. I, of course, had acid reflux, heartburn, cramping and a few scary moments; but for me, the hardest part was waiting to get pregnant and then the time it took us to actually conceive. But at the end of the day, D is here, healthy and talking up a storm, and I couldn’t be happier. He is my world and I love him so much.

I'd love to hear about your pregnancy.