I’m pretty sure all children at one point or another drink the dirty bath water, but how do you get them to stop? My son D thinks it’s hilarious to drink the water during bath time, but my husband and I think it’s gross. “Let the kid be a kid,” some people say, or, “at least he’s drinking water,” others will tell me. However, when it really comes down to it, the water is dirty, especially in the summertime after a long day of playing out in the sun. The tub is filled with dirt, sunscreen, bug spray and chemicals used from cleaning the tub. Not to mention the fact that I’m sure it also has urine in it since he also tends to pee in the bath occasionally.

So how do I go about getting him to stop? As he gets older I’m sure it’ll be easier for him to understand right from wrong. Being a 2 ½ year old though, he thinks it’s funny and cool to make a suds mustache and beard – which actually IS pretty funny. Look how cute!

I’ve tried telling him over and over again the water is dirty and we only drink water from the faucet or bottle. I tell him that the dirty water will give him a belly ache, but he doesn’t get it. I also tell him that if he’s thirsty I’ll go get his water or juice…good one right? Nope, doesn’t work. For the most part I’m pretty sure he’s doing it just to get a reaction out of me – like with most things.

So here are a few things I tried just last night, and voila, they worked... for now.
1) Remove all cup/container type toys that he can drink from.
2) Keep the faucet running on low so he can drink from there. (He loved this)
3) Give him other fun toys to play with to keep him occupied.
4) Have him take more showers than baths. (This we’ll do on the weekends)

He was having so much fun drinking the cool CLEAN water running from the faucet that he forgot all about the sudsy bath water. Yeah!

Anyone else have any suggestions? I’m certain there are plenty of people in the same boat as me – no pun intended.