Preparing and decorating our first baby’s room was a task within itself, but it was a super fun one. From picking out the furniture, to the bedding, to hanging the hand painted letters, it was such a special time for both my husband and me. And while preparing and decorating for baby #2 is certainly exciting, it also comes with the added task of moving one and making room for another. Luckily, D was very ready to upgrade to his “big boy” bedroom. He has always been between the 95th and 100th percentile for both height and weight, so when he starting telling me that he didn’t like his toddler bed anymore I should have known it was because he was simply outgrowing it.

So for the past couple of months we’ve been involving D in the whole process of choosing both his bedroom furniture and bedding. He’s very much into sports – soccer mainly – so I wasn’t surprised when he chose the sports themed bedding. He was also super excited because I told him we were going to buy a bed that had a pull out underneath in case his friends or cousins were to sleepover one night. He was beyond excited. The other big decision was whether or not to get him a twin or full size bed. My vote was for the twin, but my husband brought up a good point - if D was going to continue to grow like he had been, he would be much more comfortable in a full size bed as he got older. And since our plan is to have this furniture grow with him until he leaves for college one day, we chose to go with a full size bedroom set with a trundle underneath. I truly believe that involving D from the very beginning was a huge part of why things went so smoothly. He was excited the first night in his new bed and slept straight through the night. And as you can see, we still need to put up some wall hangings, but nonetheless he's in and comfortable in his new room. 

Now onto our baby girl’s room. You’ll all be happy to know that I officially bought her a few things in the past week. From burp cloths to bibs, to bassinet sheets and Swaddles, we have officially begun the shopping for some super cute PINK items. We’ve also picked out her bedding! It’s brand new to the market by Summer Infant, and it’s set to come out this spring. I’ll be the first to debut it and will of course share images with you in the next month or so – so stay tuned.

Did you find it stressful or exciting to build your baby’s nursery? And do any of you experienced moms have any helpful tips on ways to help the transition from one room to another go smoothly?