As Valentine’s Day approaches I’m always stumped on what to get my children. So I thought – why not reach out to our fans and ask them? With your help I’ve come up with a great list of some perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for our precious little ones.

• A new book. Some non-Valentine’s Day themed “love” books that we own and recommend are: I Love You Through & Through, Love You Forever, Guess How Much I Love You, I Love You Stinky Face, and I Love You More.
• A fun bath time toy.
• A special note put into their lunchbox.
• A love themed lunch (i.e. having all their foods shaped into hearts, and a special yummy treat).
• Their favorite themed stickers or tattoos.
• Special craft project. But the best part would be doing the project together!
• Ingredients for a fun treat. And like above, make a date to make those special cupcakes or cookies together.
• Their favorite snacks. I know there are a few snacks I only get on certain occasions at the grocery store. Surprising D with Superman gummies on Valentine’s Day morning would surely put a smile on his face
• Handwritten card. Skip the store bought greeting card and create your own love note for your children.
• Flowers. This is our gift to them this year. I think both of my children will love getting their own beautiful flowers to take care of. If it weren’t winter I would simply pick them from our flower garden.

While my children don’t expect gifts on Valentine’s Day, I do like to surprise them with a little something to remind them just how much I love them. It’s always something small, but meaningful, and doesn’t always cost any money at all.

And because we have and love them, Summer’s Slumber Buddies and Plush Playmats could also make a great gift!

Happy Valentine’s Day! How do you celebrate?