So I just ran into one of those awkward neighborhood moments. Two young girls from our neighborhood came over and asked if they could babysit my 19 month old son. One is 12 and the other is 11. I immediately thought Yikes, Oh my goodness, that’s way too young. But then I started talking to them and they actually seem pretty mature for their age. We already have one sitter that we use who is a senior in high school, but could really benefit from having a few just in case one is not available. So I told them that although we don’t use sitters all that often that we’d be open to have them come be a mommy’s helper occasionally if there were things that my husband and I needed to do around the house/yard and needed someone to watch over Dylan. And then I also thought, well it can’t hurt to have these girls become familiar with our son so when they are a little older we could actually use them for night sitting and they’d already be comfortable with little skeeter pants. Right? Am I crazy?

So my question to you is, how young is too young to start babysitting?
I’d also love some recommendations on how to find a good babysitter in your area. My husband and I do not have family close by so in the event we need a sitter it’s important we have someone we can trust. Any ideas?