As if there wasn’t enough my body had to go through before and after birth, losing my hair was just the icing on the cake. It didn’t start happening until just around 3 months post partum, but lasted until my son was just about a year old. Maybe it had something to do with stress, I’m not really sure, but at 3 months post partum and after having returned to work I slowly started to notice more and more hair was shedding from my scalp. I could literally pull my hair back into a ponytail and a handful of my hair would fall out with it. So now not only was I self conscious about the post baby belly, or the dark line I still had going down my stomach, but I was now losing my hair. I’m not really sure what causes this and if someone knows the answer, please share, but it was not pleasant. I was so incredibly nervous I was going to end up bald and thought it was only a matter of time. My hair definitely thinned out on the top of my head and there were even some bald spots (or extremely thinning spots). I actually had to make sure I parted my hair just right and then pulled it back into a ponytail so my hair would stay put and the thinning spots wouldn’t show through. The ponytail was my choice of hair style for a good 6 months – ugh, how boring is that.

My son is now 22 months old and NO, I am not bald. I have a healthy head of hair but do have to say that not all of it grew back. I still try to part it a certain way and am still slightly self conscious about it but it couldn’t have been all that bad if I’m willing to do it all over again one day!

P.S. As I write this I sit here at the airport in Chicago praying that the 3 gentlemen behind me are not reading over my shoulder  and if they are, hopefully they at least find it slightly entertaining and maybe even feel a little bit of compassion for me, ha ha.

Does anyone else have a similar story? Or does anyone know why some women lose their hair and others do not? Is there anything you can do to prevent the hair loss from happening?