Boy do I wish I had it. The key that is to balancing work and family! I am going to be completely up front and say I definitely do not have the key, but I can certainly share some of my own personal experience as a new mom. Since D was born I have been trying to figure out a balance between the two. The day I found out I was pregnant I promised to little D to be the best mom I possibly could and part of that promise was to try and figure out how to balance both work and family life. I was one of those moms that felt horribly guilty going back to work after just 13 weeks. It was heartbreaking, tiring and stressful all at the same time. Of course as all of us moms know, the first year after having a baby (well at least for me) was a bit of a blur. I think I was half sleeping for most of it.

There were so many changes in my life, both physically, mentally and emotionally that I truly didn’t start feeling like myself again until D turned a year old. Over the course of that year I tried to figure out things that would make my life just a little bit easier. Some of these things include:
  1. From the moment my husband and I walk in the door after work it’s all about D. One of us (if not both of us) are fully engaged in playing with him while the other is figuring out dinner plans – we try to trade off so it’s not always the same person cooking.
  2. Learn to let things slide. Dishes do not need to be done right when you walk in the door from work. Laundry doesn’t need to be done every night. The floor can get mopped tomorrow and just because it’s beautiful outside doesn’t mean you can’t veg out on the couch with your little one. Don’t feel guilty about that. Cuddle time is the best time.
  3. The weekends are always well spent – Of course we have our lazy days from time to time but because we both work full time we live for our weekends.
  4. Ask for help. I used to think I could do it all, and sometimes still do, but I can’t and I was not ashamed to admit that and ask for my husband’s help.
  5. Figure out easy dinner recipes. The last thing I ever want to do is cook when I get home. I want to spend that time with D, but we obviously have to eat and it’s important that we try and eat as a family. Therefore, crock pot recipes are THE ABSOLUTE BEST. I wish I had enough recipes to last me a month. I get tired of cooking pot roast, chicken and chili all the time – ha-ha.
It’s all very exhausting. But working full time and being a full time mom is just that…exhausting. That’s why I find it extremely important to have “me time” - time where I get to do what I want. Whether it be drinks with the girls after work, a spin class at the gym or a pedicure or massage at the spa. I try to do this at least once every few weeks. Yup, that’s right. Every few weeks there’s a little bit of “me time.”

And maybe I say this to make myself feel better about working full time ,but I’ve realized it’s good for my son to be without me and his father sometimes. It teaches him independence and I absolutely adore the little man he is becoming. I have to believe that means he’s getting all that he needs from both his mommy and daddy. And that makes me feel good.

Does anyone else have some tips on balancing work and family?

Does anyone have any fabulous crock pot recipes that they want to share?