OK, so I may totally get booed for this, but we gave D his first haircut at just 10 months old. It was a much harder decision for me than it was for my husband, but the poor kid really did need one. His hair was getting so long that it would either fall in his eyes or tickle the insides of his ears.

We debated for a long time when to do it. I originally thought I wanted to let his hair grown long like a little “surfer boy,” but my husband wasn’t really on board – no pun intended. And then the thought of losing that baby fine hair made me really sad. I knew once we did it, the texture and thickness of his hair wouldn’t be like it was and that he would start to look more like a little boy vs. my little baby, but I sucked it up and made him his first appointment.

Now instead of being sad, I started getting nervous. How would he do at the hairdressers? Would he hate it? Would he love it? Would he be scared? Was he going to cry the entire time? So many thoughts ran through my head so I tried to be as prepared as possible. A few things we did to prepare for the big day were:
  1. We had D watch as I gave daddy his haircuts (Yup, I’ve been cutting my husband’s hair for about 5 years now).
  2. We talked a lot about the big day beforehand and explained to him what was going to happen.
  3. We did some online research, read reviews and ensured the place we were going to was going to be good with kids.
  4. Scheduled the appointment earlier in the day, a couple hours before naptime so he was in a good mood.
  5. And, of course, after the big event we gave him lots and lots of praise for a super job well done.

Something we also did was pack snacks and toys to basically bribe him the entire time. I slowly fed him blueberries and tried to keep him preoccupied by talking to him or making silly faces. Unfortunately, he was way more interested in the pretty lady cutting his hair and the sound of the clippers. YUP, not only did the hairdresser use scissors on my baby boy, but she actually used men’s clippers. My heart nearly dropped to the floor.

In the end, D did a fantastic job! No crying, no screaming, nothing. Feeding him blueberries one by one worked really well, however, I’m not sure I would highly recommend eating food at the hairdressers, the hair literally goes everywhere. And today, D still does fantastic. He’s very comfortable with his hairdresser, knows her by name and actually enjoys going. Check out his before and after pics!