About a month ago, I wrote about my family’s initial run in with the Terrible Twos and how my husband and I had been confronted by our daycare about the way our 2 year old son was behaving at school. Well…since then, we have had our one-on-one meeting with daycare and have already started to see a difference in his behavior. I definitely do not want to jinx anything, but I’m crossing my fingers that things will continue to get better.

First off, I’m going to keep reminding both my husband and myself that he is only two, AND he’s a boy. We love the daycare our son goes to and 100% agree with them on all of the issues they brought up during our one-on-one meeting, but I also didn’t want to get myself too worked up, as he truly is doing just fine. He may not be as advanced in certain areas, but he’s proven himself to be more advanced in others. And yes, I absolutely know that hitting is NOT ok and screaming to get what you want isn’t the way to ask for something, but again – reminder to myself – he’s only two.

So where to begin? Both my husband and I had a long discussion and knew we needed to be on the same page (with each other and with daycare) about our reactions to our son’s behaviors, our disciplinary actions when he did something bad and on how we rewarded him when he did something good. It was going to be tough – and we certainly slip from time to time – but for the most part I would say my husband, myself and our wonderful son are doing pretty good.

Patience & Attention Skills: This is something a lot of people have a hard time with, my son being one of them. He has a hard time waiting for things. He wants his milk right when we get downstairs in the morning. He doesn’t want to wait for his dinner to be cooked and he certainly doesn’t like sitting through commercials (that darn DVR). He has a hard time doing one activity for a long period of time and staying seated during circle time. I know this is all normal toddler behavior but no one wants their child to be the disruptive student in class; so we have been making him wait for things (his milk, his toast, his dinner, etc.) and we never forward through commercials anymore when watching recorded shows. We’re also trying to get him to focus on doing one activity for a long period of time. Getting him to play blocks and build towers with me for a WHOLE HOUR was such an accomplishment. I’m already seeing a difference in both his patience level and his growing attention span, and so is daycare.

Listening & Sharing: Both very hard things to teach to a toddler. Everything is “mine” or “my turn” or “no” which again is totally normal at this age, but hitting his friends and screaming to get his way can obviously be disruptive at daycare. It’s also frustrating at home – and not to mention sad when his friends at school start to shy away from playing with D because they’re scared of him. So now there’s a lot of “your turn, mommy’s turn, daddy’s turn” playtime at home, we’re asking him to do tasks around the house (like throwing trash away) and high-fiving him when he does it and also trying to get him more involved in group activities on the weekends. This weekend we’re signing him up for indoor soccer…how adorable is that? It’ll be good for releasing some of that pent up energy, but also great for building his listening and group play skills.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with the progress we’ve made thus far. Hopefully (again, I’m crossing my fingers AND my toes) it’ll only continue to get better and all three of us (mommy, daddy and D) all get a gold star after our follow-up meeting with daycare in a couple weeks.