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  • The Potty Training Process has Begun

    The first time D went pee pee on the potty was almost five months ago right around Hanukkah and Christmas. It had been a long day for the both of us – keep in mind, earlier that day I had fallen in our driveway with D in my arms, landed on my 4 year old nephew and hit my son’s head on the pavement. Lots of crying and... read more
  • Pregnancy: An Amazing Time in My Life

    May is Pregnancy Awareness Month. read more
  • The Terrible Twos, Part Deuce

    Tips on how to deal with the terrible twos. read more
  • How to Make Time for Reading

    As many of you can probably relate, finding time to read each and every day can sometimes be a bit of a struggle, especially when you work full-time. It does make me feel better knowing he gets plenty of book time in at daycare, but as a mother, you want that special one on one time yourself. read more
  • The Crib to Toddler Bed transition – WHOA, that was NOT fun!

    How old was your little one when you transitioned them out of the crib? It was just about a month ago for us, right before “D” turned two years old. read more