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  • My Top 10 Things to do During the Summer

    Anyone who knows me knows I love the summer season. I love the heat, the sun, the sunsets, the beach, the cookouts, the water and the laughter I hear from the kids playing in the neighborhood. New England is known for their seasons, which is partly the reason I will most likely never leave. If you’ve ever been here during the months of September and October, you know exactly what I mean, it is simply beautiful.
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  • Baby's First Haircut

    It was a tough decision, but at 10 months old it was time to get D's haircut. read more
  • Don't Drink the Bath Water

    I’m pretty sure all children at one point or another drink the dirty bath water, but how do you get them to stop? read more
  • A Q&A with My Husband

    In honor of Father’s Day we thought it only appropriate that Cindy and I write a little something about our own husbands, the fathers to our wonderful children. Instead of doing a simple blog post we wanted to do something a little different read more
  • Get on Board the Recycling Train my Sweet “Dinah” Husband

    It's time to get on board the recycling train! read more