Complete Home Safety Kit (29 pc)

Complete Home Safety Kit (29 pc) Item #30210

Create a safer environment throughout your home with the Complete Home Safety Kit. This 29 piece value kit provides basic essentials to help make home safe for baby. Outlet Protectors are a must have in any home to cover exposed outlets. Keep doors and cabinets shut with the Multi Use Latches, Cabinet Latches, Soft Slide Locks and Door Knob Cover. Furniture Secure Straps help stabilize large furniture as well as flat screen televisions. Foam Corner Cushions provide protection from sharp corners on tables and counters, and Blind Cord Shorteners help secure dangling cords from children and pets.
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  • Contains 29 essential safety items
  • 2 Multi Use Latches, 4 Handle & Knob Soft Slide Locks, 2 Blind Cord Shorteners, 10 Outlet Protectors, 4 Foam Corner Cushions, 2 Furniture Secure Straps (and screws), 1 Door Knob Safety Kit, 4 Cabinet & Drawer Latches (and screws)