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What do your kids do when they think nobody is watching?

1 year old ridding tan dog like horse in pink nursery (is photoshopped)

Have you looked at your video monitor and caught your little being silly or doing something ridiculous that you burst out laughing? Maybe singing in their crib or talking to their stuffed animals? We want to see and hear your stories! Simply tag @summerinfant and #CaughtInTheAct on your public social media channel so we can see it and share it.



Join the cause!
Summer® has committed to matching 10% of sales on the Baby Pixel® Zoom HD Monitor sales on summerinfant.com to Be The Match® bone marrow registry. Donation matching runs 10/21/19 - 12/31/19 with a maximum donation of $10,000.

Summer Baby Pixel Zoom HD Monitor System

Why are we doing this project?
Two years ago, the world met Stephen Crowley when he Photoshopped his daughter, Hannah, into alarming situations and gave parents heart attacks. Hannah was undergoing treatment for an immune disorder and Stephen used humor and skill to help his family through a difficult time. We remembered Stephen and reached out to him to create jaw-dropping images to show what kids do when nobody is looking.

1 year old baby girl seems to be climbing shelving in pink nursery (image is photoshopped)          1 year old baby girl sits on white crib ledge in pink nursery (image is photoshopped)

What we didn't expect was that his daughter, Hannah, would be his photo assistant. Two years later, Hannah is a thriving young lady which Stephen credits to Be the Match® bone marrow registry. It was then that we committed to match 10% of the Baby Pixel® Zoom HD™ sales, to help more children like Hannah. 

Watch the full story of why Summer
® partnered with Stephen and Hannah Crowley below.



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the BUMP

Surprising Screentime Findings: Dads log more baby monitor screentime than moms. Over 1 in 3 fathers admit to checking their monitors VERY frequently - at all least once per MINUTE! More fathers proactively check on their babies with the monitor - 75%25 versus only 65%25 of moms. 8 in 10 parents use a baby monitor, Dads are more likely to respond immediately to hearing or seeing their child cry via the baby monitor - 60%25. Nearly 60%25 of fathers respond right away, versus only 47%25 of mothers. Moms are twice as likely as dads to report that they respond less quickly to the monitor after their first child. Study of 1,000 U.S. parents of children age 0 to 2. Conducted by Full Spectrum Insights on behalf of SUMR Brands.