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The Ultimate Organic Crib Sheet

Item #94450
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The Ultimate Crib Sheet makes changing a crib easier than ever!  Secure elastic straps wrap around crib slats and attach to crib sheet with snaps for secure placement. Three layers of protection help baby stay dry and comfortable while keeping  the crib mattress is protected. If baby has an accident or gets sick, simply remove without having to remake the entire crib.
Features and Benefits
  • Fits crib mattresses 52” x 28”
  • Machine washable
  • 4 products in one: quick change sheet, mattress pad, super absorbent pad, and waterproof pad
  • Three layers of protection:
    • Soft polyester and cotton top layer wicks moisture away from baby
    • Super absorbent middles holds up to 6 cups of liquid
    • Vinyl waterproof bottom
  • 10 elastic straps wrap around crib slats and snap back to sheet for secure installation