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  • Breastfeeding for Beginners

    Dr. Levine shares her recommendations for breastfeeding moms. read more
  • Guidelines to Car Seat Transition

    There has always been confusion as to the appropriate time to move your child to the next car seat, or when it’s ok to have your baby forward-facing.  Here are some helpful tips during your transition. read more
  • Influenza 101

    read more
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  • The Potty Police

    Almost every day, a parent walks into my office and asks me about toilet training... read more
  • Creating a Safer Sleep Environment for Baby

    Newborn babies may spend up to 16 hours per day sleeping in their first few months of life. Therefore, you want to be sure you create a safe sleep environment in baby’s room even before she arrives. First, remember, nothing should be in the crib except for a firm mattress, a... read more