May 2011

[May 2011]

  • Visions of Baby #2 are Dancing in My Head

    When did you know you were ready or that it was time for a second child? And for all my family and friends reading this, NO, I am not pregnant, but my husband and I are certainly starting to think about when we might want to start trying for a second child. read more
  • The Potty Training Process has Begun

    The first time D went pee pee on the potty was almost five months ago right around Hanukkah and Christmas. It had been a long day for the both of us – keep in mind, earlier that day I had fallen in our driveway with D in my arms, landed on my 4 year old nephew and hit my son’s head on the pavement. Lots of crying and bruises were involved, so needless to say, mommy needed something to turn the day around. read more