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  • When You Were Kids…

    Despite the fact that I am a pediatrician and closely follow the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics with my patients and my own kids, I frequently hear them saying, “When you girls were kids, we didn’t have all of these crazy gadgets - we just let you be kids and you were fine!” read more
  • A Labor of Love

    Labor Day was originally created to celebrate the labor movement in our country, but there is another labor that is even more vital – the labor that leads to the birth of your baby. What causes that labor to start? read more
  • 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

    Recently I attended BlogHer, an annual blogging conference for women. I also participated in the first ever BlogHer Flashmob, thanks to the founders of Rock On Mommies and The Mama Mary Show, oh and Ms. Christina from Mommy Loves Coffee for dragging me along – it was LOTS of fun, thanks ladies! read more
  • My Top 10 Things to do During the Summer

    Anyone who knows me knows I love the summer season. I love the heat, the sun, the sunsets, the beach, the cookouts, the water and the laughter I hear from the kids playing in the neighborhood. New England is known for their seasons, which is partly the reason I will most likely never leave. If you’ve ever been here during the months of September and October, you know exactly what I mean, it is simply beautiful.
    read more
  • "Look Mom, I can do it all by Myself!"

    For many, summer is a season to relax and chill out. Most people spend their time off with family. But is it possible to be a parent and actually have some relaxation time? I say, YES!! read more