Dr. Alanna Levine

Dr. Alanna Levine, Pediatrician

I am a pediatrician and a mom. I grew up in NYC and although I moved to the suburbs I feel like a New Yorker at heart. I have two children and work hard at balancing my practice and time with my family.

Several years ago I started using the media as a way to broaden the reach of my pediatric practice. I enjoy sharing my advice and personal experiences with my patients, with my friends, and anyone else who is interested. I plan to blog about practical parenting advice that will jump start a conversation in our blogging community. After all, it's great to learn from others' experiences, and I hope adding a pediatrician's input into the conversation will enrich discussion.

How do you like to take a "time out?"
Lounge chair in the shade, breeze in the air, and a book to read-but how often does that happen?

What three words come to mind when you think about your family?
Exciting, challenging, pride

What blogs/websites do you read every day?
I read the NY Times online, blog entries from fellow pediatricians, and daily articles on pediatric news

If there was an "adult beverage" created for you what would it be called?
There is one-sangria. It's sweet, feels great in the summer, and it's available at our family's favorite Mexican restaurant

What piece of sound advice would you like to give to moms and dads out there?
Don't waste your time worrying-enjoy your family!