Deluxe Right Height Nursing Pillow

Deluxe Right Height Nursing Pillow Item #95300

The mom preferred Deluxe Right Height Nursing Pillow lifts baby to provide an ideal height for feeding, creating a better breastfeeding experience. It was designed with lactation consultants for ergonomic positioning to improve latch and eliminate stress on mom’s back and neck.  The innovative, 3-stage pillow is perfect for feeding both newborns and older babies.
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What moms love

  • Ergonomic design - Helps reduce the amount of stress on your back
  • Right Height mat – Firm newborn mat keeps little ones awake
  • Contoured pillow - Keeps baby from falling between mom and pillow
  • Nurture Pillow Boost - Position baby at an incline for better digestion
  • Works for different size moms and babies
  • Ideal for moms recovering from c-section delivery
  • Slip cover included