Cushy Cart Cover

Cushy Cart Cover (Clover) Item #78290A

Protect your baby from germs on shopping carts or restaurant high chairs with the Cushy Cart Cover. The removable bolster/positioner adds extra support and comfort for a smaller baby while keeping your little one clean and germ-free.<br />

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  • Cushy Cart Cover (Clover)
  • Cushy Cart Cover (Dots and Diamonds)
  • Cushy Cart Cover (Diamond Links)
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<ul> <li> Infant positioner props younger babies up safe and securely and then easily removes as your child gets older</li> <li> Includes vinyl pocket to protect your smartphone while entertaining your child and two loops to attach toys</li> <li> Folds up easily and compactly turning into a pouch when not in use</li> </ul>

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