CuddleMe Toddler Travel Blanket (Neutral)

CuddleMe Toddler Travel Blanket (Neutral) Item #77090

A wearable blanket for use in the car or on the stroller.  Designed to go on the child after they have been buckled in so that the fabric does not interfere with the safety of the harness system.  The Comfort Me Toddler Travel Blanket is made of fleece to keep your child warm and cozy while on the go.  The bottom has an adjustable pocket, designed to tuck under the child's feet so that it doesn't drag on the ground like a traditional blanket. 
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What moms love

  • Warm and cozy fleece
  • Oversized sleeves keep baby warm
  • Adjustable pocket for feet keeps blanket from dragging and keeps child's feet warm
  • Pattern: Circle Centric