Best View™ Choice Extra Camera, 28460

Best View™ Choice Extra Camera, 28460 Item #28550

For parents wanting to monitor multiple rooms or children, additional cameras can be used with the Best View™ Choice system, up to 4 total (sold separately).  Multiple cameras function with an auto-scan feature allowing parents to keep an eye on each room with an automatic 8-second interval between rooms. 
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What moms love

  • Monitor multiple rooms/children with an extra camera, up to 4 total (sold separately)
  • Pan, scan, and zoom remotely from parent handheld unit
  • Two-way communication to talk to baby or parents in nursery
  • Infrared LEDs enable automatic black and white night vision in low-light/darkened rooms for continuous and overnight monitoring
  • Additional cameras enable auto-scan feature with 8-second intervals between rooms
  • Microphone focuses on baby's voice while filtering out background, ambient noises
  • Adjustable, swivel camera design allows for optimal viewing of baby
  • Table top or wall mountable (wall anchor and security clips included)
  • Power ON indicator and AC adapter included